Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Sanaa's last day of 2nd grade and other pictures

Sanaa finished 2nd grade! It was a tough year, but she did it. She started the year at Arco Iris (a Spanish immersion charter school) which is where she attended 1st grade. She had a rough fall so at Christmas break we transferred her to Errol Hassell. She was lucky enough to be placed in class with her best friend from church which made the transition much smoother. I am very proud with how well she has done considering everything that happened during the year.

Last day of school picture with her good friend Ally.

Sanaa has had a very unique style. This is just one of her many clothing combinations.

A new ice cream store opened near us and they had face painting. Sanaa chose a butterfly.

For some reason Sanaa has wanted a cowgirl hat for awhile and Nate brought one back after his visit to Texas to see his parents. She's told me that now all she needs are some boots to go with her hat.

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