Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Malakai 4th birthday

Malakai celebrated his 4th birthday just over a month ago. He was SO excited to see presents sitting at his spot. He didn't want to wait for his sisters to wake up before opening them but we managed to hold him off until they woke up.

Malakai has a lot of favorites currently. He loves anything Batman. He also loves PAW Patrol, Miles from Tomorrowland, and Superhero stuff.

Playing with his PAW Patrol characters.

Using his light saber to knock over the PAW Patrol. I guess he's combing Star Wars and PAW Patrol. Maybe he's playing PAW Wars? Who knows.

For several days after turning 4, Malakai kept asking if he would still be 4 years old the next day. It was kind of funny!

Layla the VIP

During the last few weeks of April and the beginning of May, each child in Layla's class was assigned a day that they were the VIP. They each made a poster about themselves with pictures and things they like. Layla worked hard on her poster and had a lot of fun making it. I helped cut the pictures and paper but she did the decorating and told me where to put the pictures. 

On their VIP day, parents were invited to come watch them and each lunch with them. Layla shared about her poster and then she got to sit in the teachers chair while her classmates said one compliment about her! Her teacher wrote down each compliment and sent that paper home. Malakai raised his hand and said he had one. Mrs. Muldoon let him share his compliment which was, "I like mac and cheese." Layla and her classmates just started laughing.

Eating lunch with Layla and her good buddy Jake. Even Malakai enjoyed eating with the big kindergartener's. She made sure to wear her Ariel dress on her VIP day because Jake gave that to her for her 5th birthday!

Layla got to wear several necklaces for the day because not only was she the VIP, she was also the special helper (line leader) for the day, and they celebrated her birthday as well.