Sunday, June 12, 2016

Malakai's last day of 3's preschool

The day after Layla had her last day of school was Malakai's last day of school. Out of all three kids I think Malakai has changed the most! He is looking so much like a little boy and not a toddler!

Just like Layla, his last day was playing at the school carnival and watching the comedian. Malakai also got a glittery tattoo. I wasn't surprised because he LOVES tattoos. What did surprise me was that he was adamant about having a blue glittery fairy tattoo which he proudly showed off to all his friends and teachers. Ha!

Malakai and his fun teacher Mrs. Monnie! Layla also had Mrs. Monnie, so it was sad having Malakai finish in the 3's knowing I won't have any other kids in Mrs. Monnie's class.

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