Sunday, June 12, 2016

Layla's kindergarten spring program and graduation

A week after Malakai had his spring program Layla had her kindergarten program and graduation. Layla had a wonderful kindergarten experience and she was sad to have it end. There were 12 students in her class. Six boys and six girls. She had a wonderful teacher and a very fun class!

Before the program Layla hung out with two of her friends from class, Greyson and Jake. 

The kindergarten students even received their own kindergarten diploma!

The two kindergarten classes getting ready to sing. The program was a lot of fun to watch. The most entertaining song was the turkey song. The boy to the left of Layla (wearing the vest) had turkey hat and when he started dancing it fell off. He put it back on, but it ended up being backwards which made all the kids and teachers laugh during the song. I did get a video of it and Malakai will still ask to watch the funny turkey song from Layla's program.

The two classes after receiving their kindergarten diploma. They sang one final song and then got to toss their graduation hats into the air.

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