Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Layla's birthday interview

Here are Layla's answers this year to the birthday questions I ask each year.

What is your favorite color? Pink, red, purple, white, blue, yellow
What is your favorite song? I don't really have a favorite song but I like Kid's Place Live (radio station)
What is your favorite tv show? Lolirock
What is your favorite game to play? I don't have a favorite game, except for the little circle game that you take turns and get 4 in a row (Connect 4)
What is your favorite thing to do outside? Ride bikes
What is your favorite book to read? I don't know
What is your favorite place to go? "Park, actually retrace that, it's the mall"
Who are your friends? Kenna, Ava, Jake, Leo, Norah, Andrew, Talise, Max, Hudson, Marissa, Ally
What toy(s) do you like to play with? I don't have favorite toys
What is your favorite food? Hot dogs
What is your favorite drink? Milk
What is your favorite fruit? Banana
What is your favorite animal? Peacock, panda, giraffe, and flamingo
What is your favorite Bible story? I don't have one
What do you want to do when you grow up? a mama
What makes you happy? Being with mommy 
What makes you sad? "Losing blank forever because if I did I'd be crying the whole day and the night"
What do you like to do with daddy? go to the mall
What is your favorite thing to wear? Dresses
What is your favorite flower? all of them
What do you like to grow in the garden? Strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries

And some pictures from this spring. For Christmas Layla got a Lalaloopsy oven (like an Easy Bake oven). She's made several things in it and enjoys cooking!

One day this spring Layla got dressed in her swimsuit, rain boots, and winter coat. At least she was prepared for any sort of weather!

The best way to clean out a cool whip container is to just stick your head in it, right?

One of the things I love about Layla is that she loves wearing dresses and getting dressed up, but she also enjoys playing in the mud and dirt!

The rainbow pants Layla is wearing are her favorite pants. They are actually a size 2T. She refuses to let me get rid of them and even though they are too short, they still fit her just fine around the waist! She did tell me that once the pants are too small she wants to save them for her kids.

Layla posing in a ballet move.

Layla and Sanaa got their hair trimmed. Layla let the stylist braid her hair. It looked really cute! She won't let me braid her hair very often so I made sure to get a picture of this braid.

At a friends house, Layla tried on a dress and wanted me to take a picture because she said it looked like a rug around her. The minute she sat down and got the dress where she wanted it, our friend's dog (Jade) came over and sat on the dress!

Layla, our goofy chipmunk. Layla has a knack for making us all laugh. She is a very caring child who wants to make everyone happy. She tries to "mother" Malakai and if someone gets hurt she'll be right next to them checking to see if they are okay.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Malakai's last day of 3's preschool

The day after Layla had her last day of school was Malakai's last day of school. Out of all three kids I think Malakai has changed the most! He is looking so much like a little boy and not a toddler!

Just like Layla, his last day was playing at the school carnival and watching the comedian. Malakai also got a glittery tattoo. I wasn't surprised because he LOVES tattoos. What did surprise me was that he was adamant about having a blue glittery fairy tattoo which he proudly showed off to all his friends and teachers. Ha!

Malakai and his fun teacher Mrs. Monnie! Layla also had Mrs. Monnie, so it was sad having Malakai finish in the 3's knowing I won't have any other kids in Mrs. Monnie's class.

Last last field trip and last day of school

The kindergarten classes got to go bowling as one of their final field trips. Layla really enjoyed it and even got a strike!

Layla's last day of kindergarten. She has grown a lot and learned even more.

The last day of school was a carnival and fun day! The kids spent the morning watching a comedian and participating in different carnival activities. Layla's class finished their morning with a hot dog lunch.

The picture below is Layla with her wonderful kindergarten teacher Mrs. Muldoon.

At the carnival the kids could get a glittery tattoo. Layla typically does not like stickers or tattoos so I was surprised she chose to get a tattoo. Maybe it was because it was so glittery!

Layla's kindergarten spring program and graduation

A week after Malakai had his spring program Layla had her kindergarten program and graduation. Layla had a wonderful kindergarten experience and she was sad to have it end. There were 12 students in her class. Six boys and six girls. She had a wonderful teacher and a very fun class!

Before the program Layla hung out with two of her friends from class, Greyson and Jake. 

The kindergarten students even received their own kindergarten diploma!

The two kindergarten classes getting ready to sing. The program was a lot of fun to watch. The most entertaining song was the turkey song. The boy to the left of Layla (wearing the vest) had turkey hat and when he started dancing it fell off. He put it back on, but it ended up being backwards which made all the kids and teachers laugh during the song. I did get a video of it and Malakai will still ask to watch the funny turkey song from Layla's program.

The two classes after receiving their kindergarten diploma. They sang one final song and then got to toss their graduation hats into the air.

Malakai's spring program

May and the beginning of June are incredibly busy (as the blog as shown with my lack of updating!). The first week in May Malakai has his spring program. It was a fight to get Malakai to wear something nice. And even once I did get a nice shirt on him, he refused to take his jacket off for the performance! Oh, well. He was a lot of fun to watch. He sang well and did nearly all the motions. He didn't seem too nervous or scared on stage.

Once home, Malakai did let me snap a quick picture of what he wore. There are about 3-4 shirts that he likes to rotate through. The rest of his wardrobe he won't touch. This is probably the only time he'll ever wear that nice shirt!

Layla's 6th birthday

At the beginning of the month Layla celebrated her 6th birthday! These kids are growing up way too fast! A few years ago we started the tradition of having a birthday donut and we continued that each year. The kids now associate donuts with a birthday so if we have donuts and it's not a birthday they'll ask whose birthday it is. 

A birthday hug from her big sister.

Layla trying out her new telescope. She can't wait for a clear night so she can look at the stars and moon.

Each birthday Layla has received a birthday cookie from her Sunday school teacher. This is something that the preschool and kindergarten class teachers do. In the fall Layla will graduate up at church so this was the last birthday cookie she'll receive at church. We took it to grandpa and grandma's house and celebrated her birthday there over Memorial Day weekend.