Saturday, May 7, 2016

Sanaa's art

Earlier this spring Sanaa took an art class through our park & rec. She loved it. She also had a really good teacher. Each week they focused on a different artist. Their last class was at a New Seasons grocery store where their teacher briefly talked about what they had studied and then let the kids talk about some of their paintings. The store hung up some of the paintings the kids had worked on during the year. The paintings were up for a month.

Sanaa currently loves pandas. Not only did she paint a panda during her class she also made one out of clay.

Sanaa pointing out which pictures she painted to one of the guests at the store.

Sanaa's sunrise painting.

Sanaa's panda painting.

Sanaa's elephant painting.

The second wall of paintings that held more from the class.

Sanaa pointing out her panda and answering her teacher's question about why she chose a panda. I thought Sanaa would get really shy speaking in front of everyone but she wasn't at all!

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