Saturday, April 23, 2016

Girl's dresser makeover

We've doing a lot of little projects around our house recently. While waiting at an appointment, Sanaa was flipping through a magazine and saw a dresser makeover. I thought it looked really cute! The pink drawers would definitely be a hit with both girls and by just painting the drawers, their entire dresser would look new.

So we did that. Layla and Sanaa helped pick out three different colors of pink. I just used spray paint. 

We removed all the knobs and I gave each kid a piece of sandpaper. We sanded off the front of each drawers and wiped them down.

Then I began spray painting. I think I did 4-5 coats on each. I know the drawers are going to get banged and most likely scratched by the kids. I'd rather not have to repaint in a few weeks which is why I did so many coats.

After the drawers dried for a day we put the knobs and handles back on. Both girls love their "new" dresser! And it totally fits their room and personalities. I love that we did a fun dresser makeover for about $7!

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