Friday, March 25, 2016

Valentine's day and the Servant's Heart Award

Valentine's Day ended up being on a Sunday this year. Nate was able to take some pictures of me with the kids. I'm rarely in pictures with them so it's nice to at least have some pictures, although we couldn't get any pictures with all of them smiling nicely. Instead they kept making silly faces.

Valentine's Day was also our Children's pastor's last day. She asked me to come up to the worship service with her and I figured it was because she just wanted extra support on her last day. Instead I got surprised with her presenting me the Servant's Heart Award. Nearly every Sunday I'm down in Kid City during the worship service leading the kids' worship time, but apparently for the last several months on the second Sunday of the month a volunteer is recognized for all that they do. This time it happened to be me. What a nice surprise!

And some pictures of some of the flowers I got for Valentine's day.

Free Valentine's Day balloons! The day after Valentine's day I needed to go to the grocery store. The cashier gave the kids balloons for free! They were beyond excited and I didn't mind. I'm not going to pass up free balloons. 

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