Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A new window seat cushion

I was quite tired of the window seat and the way it looked. So I finally tackled that little project. I was able to find a 4 inch thick piece of foam (that was about 10 feet long) on Amazon that was on sale. Yay! I had been given a gift card to JoAnn and was able to get all the fabric I needed.

The window seat before.

At first I measured the window area and then tried to draw that shape on the foam. But I gave up and instead just laid the ply wood from the former window seat on top of the foam and traced it. That went much quicker!

I just folded fabric over the cushion and used some spray adhesive to hold it in place. The kids love the new window seat!

I also made two cushions for the girls. They each picked out their own fabric. I used the left over foam and the two square pieces of ply wood from the old window seat. That was another quick project and the girls quite enjoy sitting on them and looking at books.

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