Friday, March 25, 2016

Layla plays against her friend Maxx

Layla's kindergarten classmate Maxx also played in the Upward basketball league. Their teams played against each other twice. Both times Layla and Maxx were paired up against each other. They were so funny to watch! Most of the time they'd just chase each other around the court while the rest of their teams actually played basketball. 

There were a few times that Layla and Maxx got the ball and then did a nice job of guarding each other.

Valentine's day and the Servant's Heart Award

Valentine's Day ended up being on a Sunday this year. Nate was able to take some pictures of me with the kids. I'm rarely in pictures with them so it's nice to at least have some pictures, although we couldn't get any pictures with all of them smiling nicely. Instead they kept making silly faces.

Valentine's Day was also our Children's pastor's last day. She asked me to come up to the worship service with her and I figured it was because she just wanted extra support on her last day. Instead I got surprised with her presenting me the Servant's Heart Award. Nearly every Sunday I'm down in Kid City during the worship service leading the kids' worship time, but apparently for the last several months on the second Sunday of the month a volunteer is recognized for all that they do. This time it happened to be me. What a nice surprise!

And some pictures of some of the flowers I got for Valentine's day.

Free Valentine's Day balloons! The day after Valentine's day I needed to go to the grocery store. The cashier gave the kids balloons for free! They were beyond excited and I didn't mind. I'm not going to pass up free balloons. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A new window seat cushion

I was quite tired of the window seat and the way it looked. So I finally tackled that little project. I was able to find a 4 inch thick piece of foam (that was about 10 feet long) on Amazon that was on sale. Yay! I had been given a gift card to JoAnn and was able to get all the fabric I needed.

The window seat before.

At first I measured the window area and then tried to draw that shape on the foam. But I gave up and instead just laid the ply wood from the former window seat on top of the foam and traced it. That went much quicker!

I just folded fabric over the cushion and used some spray adhesive to hold it in place. The kids love the new window seat!

I also made two cushions for the girls. They each picked out their own fabric. I used the left over foam and the two square pieces of ply wood from the old window seat. That was another quick project and the girls quite enjoy sitting on them and looking at books.