Monday, February 15, 2016

Ballet and art class

Layla started ballet in January and absolutely loves it! She looks like a natural and catches on very quick. I get to watch her during class and she is a very graceful dancer. We have her enrolled in a beginner class that has no recital. Next time she really wants to be in a class that does have a recital.

Sanaa has enjoyed her art class a lot! The second week of class we found out from her teacher that Sanaa's class had been picked to participate in an art show. At some point in March, New Seasons (a grocery store here in Oregon) will be having an open house and will be showcasing the various paintings Sanaa and the other kids in her class have made. Sanaa's teacher has been studying three different female artists with the kids and then the kids create their own painting based on what they talked about.

Sanaa chose to free hand a panda for one of her projects. In this lesson they talked about Georgia O'Keefe. Their lesson was on still life and enlarging it in a painting.

Another artist they studied for this class was a Japanese artist named Hiroma Arawaka and they talked about Japanese cartoon drawing. Sanaa used tracing paper on top of the canvas to trace the elephant. She then used water color to paint it.

The third female artist they've learned about was Alma Woodsy and the dabbing paint technique. They were to draw a realistic picture and then break it into dabs of color so that the shape and color become the focus and not reality. I didn't take a picture of what Sanaa created that day and can't remember what it was either.

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