Thursday, February 18, 2016

Upward basketball games

In January both Sanaa and Layla began playing basketball through the Upward program. This is Sanaa's second year participating in Upward and Layla's first year. The first year Sanaa was in Upward she was a cheerleader and not a basketball player. Both girls were a little unsure about playing basketball but after the first practice they came home excited. 

At Layla's first practice she made 9 baskets! She was so proud of herself and it was a huge confidence boost for her. 

I have been very impressed with how hard Sanaa tries. She doesn't get the ball often but she is a good cheerleader for her team! She has made some baskets in practice and works hard to get better at playing.

Layla wanted to give up on basketball before she even had her first practice. But once she started making baskets she began enjoying it! She does get tired and frustrated easily. Layla's team is co-ed while Sanaa's team is only girls. So Layla gets frustrated with some of the boys being taller and faster than her.

The coaches make sure that all the kids get equal playing time and a chance to have the ball. Layla actually told her coach she didn't want the ball but her teammate passed it to her anyway. She dribbled down the court very well.

The best part was when she got to the basket she shot and made it! She was so excited to make a basket in her first game!

Malakai and his friend Ki sharing a foot-long fruit roll-up. They are two silly boys!

Sanaa has done an awesome job of passing in her games. I snapped the picture below and thought it turned out great!

Layla and Ally cheering on Sanaa.

With Nate's work schedule he doesn't get to attend any of the practices or games. He took one Saturday off at the beginning of February and was able to watch the girls play. Layla made a basket in the game he was watching too!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Outside chalk drawings

We've had a few days of nice weather, which I'll define as cloudy with no rain! The kids have enjoyed playing outside and I'm happy the rain has let up and they can run off all the energy they've had. Here are some of the chalk drawings Sanaa, Layla, and Malakai have made.

The kids worked together on the giant coffee cup. Sanaa drew everything and then instructed Layla and Malakai what to color. They did an awesome job! Now if only I actually had a coffee cup that large!

Ballet and art class

Layla started ballet in January and absolutely loves it! She looks like a natural and catches on very quick. I get to watch her during class and she is a very graceful dancer. We have her enrolled in a beginner class that has no recital. Next time she really wants to be in a class that does have a recital.

Sanaa has enjoyed her art class a lot! The second week of class we found out from her teacher that Sanaa's class had been picked to participate in an art show. At some point in March, New Seasons (a grocery store here in Oregon) will be having an open house and will be showcasing the various paintings Sanaa and the other kids in her class have made. Sanaa's teacher has been studying three different female artists with the kids and then the kids create their own painting based on what they talked about.

Sanaa chose to free hand a panda for one of her projects. In this lesson they talked about Georgia O'Keefe. Their lesson was on still life and enlarging it in a painting.

Another artist they studied for this class was a Japanese artist named Hiroma Arawaka and they talked about Japanese cartoon drawing. Sanaa used tracing paper on top of the canvas to trace the elephant. She then used water color to paint it.

The third female artist they've learned about was Alma Woodsy and the dabbing paint technique. They were to draw a realistic picture and then break it into dabs of color so that the shape and color become the focus and not reality. I didn't take a picture of what Sanaa created that day and can't remember what it was either.

A boy who has older sisters.

Wow! It's been awhile since I've written anything. I don't think I've ever gone quite so long between posts. Life got very busy around here right after our snow days ended. The kids returned to school and all of their after school activities began as well! Sanaa and Layla are both playing basketball through the Upward program at church. It's a great program and I love how there is not a lot of pressure on the kids to be the best player. All players are given equal playing time. Layla has also been using for quite awhile to take ballet so she is in a ballet class and Sanaa is in an art class. Malakai is back in gymnastics and then gets drug around to his sisters' activities. 

In the middle of January, our children's pastor at church resigned. That caught me and everyone else completely by surprise. No one saw it coming! One of the support staff in the office was also getting ready to leave since her husband got a new job in Wisconsin. With our children's pastor leaving and the gal in the office leaving I knew I would be asked to step in once again. But I had no idea how I would manage it with our crazy spring schedule. 

Then something even more surprising happened because our pastor called and offered me a part-time paid position as the interim children's director! I would take over some of the children's pastor responsibilities (anything that involved the elementary aged kids) and some of the lesson planning the staff in the office had been doing. But I didn't know what to do about childcare for Malakai. That same afternoon, childcare fell into place via the pastor's wife! So in less than 24 hours everything literally fell into place and I was able to accept our pastor's offer.

I started my new job last week and it's gone quite well. Creating the lesson plans for 4 Sunday school classes isn't as hard as I expected. Just a lot of copying and pasting. It's also nice to have a break from the kids!

Here are some random pictures of Malakai over the past few weeks. We had a little stretch of time where the kids kept running low fevers. Malakai decided he needed to check the cats temperature as well. 

One afternoon as I was doing laundry and some other chores it dawned on me that Malakai had been quiet for a rather long time. That is typically not a good thing. I found him in the bathroom wearing a princess dress and doing the hair of a pony and Elsa. I'm pretty sure he played contentedly in the bathroom with the pony and Elsa for a good 45 minutes!

One evening after bath time Malakai came running out to show me how he had done his hair. He came around the corner and said, "Mommy, look! I pretty!"

It's that time of year where I start going through all the kids' clothes and prepare for the spring consignment sale. As I was going through a box of Layla's clothing, Malakai pulled out one of dresses and ran off. He came out of his room wearing Layla's dress. Malakai is going to be so embarrassed with all the pictures I have of him wearing princess dresses and his sister's clothing!