Monday, January 4, 2016

Snow days!

We had snow last Sunday and we got more snow this Sunday! It's snowed most of the morning and then stopped. Later in the afternoon it started snowing again and then changed to freezing rain. It made things quite slick outside which was great for sledding and snowball fights. The kids were suppose to return to school today but since we woke up to icy roads all the schools were closed. We probably had 1 to 1 1/2 inches of snow by the end of the day.

Our former neighbor gave us the sled Sanaa and Layla were riding on. The kids thought it was great!

Malakai made a snow angel. I was hoping to get a picture of him while he made it but he jumped up to fast. He then grabbed a handful of snow and threw it at me. He loves throwing snowballs!

Using the sled was fun for a little while and then Malakai and Layla decided to get out their riding toys. Malakai used his bus and Layla road her bike. She was trying to make some kind of design with the wheels but got frustrated because riding through the snow got too hard.

After playing outside in the snow for awhile we came inside to warm up. For Christmas I bought the kids a game called Rapid Doodle. Everyone gets the same shape and you have to draw a picture using that shape. You get a point only if no one else drew what you did. We didn't bother keeping score. The girls had more fun drawing and seeing who came up with what. I do have to say they are very creative! Some shapes really stumped me but they would start drawing right away and come up with some great ideas.

In the backyard the kids built Mt. Hood (a smaller version) next to our deck.

Sanaa used a shovel to draw a stick figure on our deck.

I checked on them a little later and saw the girls sitting at the table talking about having a tea party.

We also had a family snowball fight. That was a lot of fun. The kids are tough and will gang up on you. I was also impressed with how good of aim the kids have. They hit me and Nate with more snowballs than we hit them with.

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