Sunday, January 3, 2016

Annual New Year's Day Lind gathering

Each year on New Year's day my dad's family that is in the Oregon/Washington area gets together. For the past 3 years the gathering has been at my parent's house. One of my cousins use to host it until they moved. My parents house was next biggest or at least had the most open area inside. Plus, their home is a half way point for the family coming from Portland and Salem. My kids have really started looking forward to New Year's Day and seeing their cousins (at least we just say they are cousins because I'm not about to explain what is a first cousin once removed and a second cousin. It just gets too complicated.)

I believe one of my dad's brothers counted and we had about 40 family members there this year. The kids spent most of the time outside in the cold weather. Malakai came in just before lunch time crying because he was so cold, yet he wanted to keep playing. After lunch and after the kids had warmed up, they headed back outside. I have no idea how they managed to play for so long in 30 degree weather. Maybe all the running they were doing kept them warm.

It's always fun to catch up with the family and eat lots of yummy food! After everyone left Sanaa told me that she couldn't wait until next year to play with her cousins again.

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