Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The many styles of Malakai

Malakai loves to dress up. And he loves dressing up in his sister's princess dresses even though he has his own dress up clothes. I know there will be a day when he asks me why I let him wear all the different princess dresses and I'll give him the answer that it was either that or listen to him tantrum all day long. In the first 5 pictures he was pretending to be Elsa while posing. Yes, he does have the dress on backwards. No, he would not let me fix it. He is a very stubborn 3 year old and I have learned to pick my battles with him.

Malakai has one clip on tie that he won't actually wear to church. The first time he clipped it on he came running out and said, "Look! I pastor like daddy!" The funny part is that Nate never wears a tie. I'm sure he's seen our pastor wear a tie but most Sunday's he is in the preschool class. So I'm not sure how even began associating wearing a tie with a pastor.

Malakai was extremely proud that he was able to get the red flower clip into his hair by himself. I think his pose is hilarious!

At one of our friends houses Malakai found a Rapunzel dress. He was quite excited to try that one on!

Malakai and his good friend Malachi. Yes, both boys have the same name just spelled differently. Luckily, his friend goes by Ki so we don't get them confused too often.

One morning Cinderella showed up as I was vacuuming and offered to help. I thought that was extremely helpful! I wonder if putting on a princess dress makes doing chores more fun.

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