Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Thanksgiving feasts at school

Both Layla and Malakai had their Thanksgiving feasts on the same day. Luckily Malakai's was in the morning and Layla's was in the afternoon so I was able to attend both. This was Malakai's first school party and I think he enjoyed it. He took forever to eat his food! He also wouldn't join the other kids in singing a song for all the parents. He just sat their and watched while eating his apple slices and caramel.

He did finally sit with the other kids when he found out his teacher Mrs. Monnie had a small gift for each kid.

Layla's class and the other kindergarten class sang the parents several songs. They did great! You'll notice Layla is wearing a yellow star. She was very excited because it turned out to be her day to be the special helper in class.

When they mentioned the kindergartener's were having a feast they weren't kidding. I have never seen so much food for a class party! Even Malakai had a plate. Sanaa (who was home sick with a tummy ache) sat with the other two older sisters (who are homeschooled) and enjoyed some of the feast as well.

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