Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Halloween and trick or treating

I honestly wasn't sure how well Halloween would go this year. We made our usual plan to go over to my parents for dinner and then trick or treat along Main St in Newberg. We got the annual picture with the cousins. Malakai was Batman, Layla was a ballerina fairy, Sanaa decided she was mermaid person (she just really wanted to wear her dress and the pattern reminded her of a mermaid), and Ariana was a cute little mouse.

We had dinner, but it started pouring. The kids really wanted to trick or treat but Nate and I did not want to walk through the pouring rain along Main St. So we decided to head back to Beaverton and go to one of the malls. As we were leaving my parents house, one of our friends from church sent me a text to let us know their son's preschool was having a small trick or treating area at the preschool. So we headed there first.

The preschool trick or treating was definitely small so after that we loaded up and head to Cedar Hills mall. We and the rest of Beaverton had the same idea! The line literally stretched all the way around the mall (it's a small mall) as we walked from store to store. The kids didn't mind at all since they had their friends to hang out with! Sanaa, Ally, and Layla had fun goofing off together and looking at the other costumes.

Malakai would not wear his costume while we were at the mall. I have no idea why but he at least had his Halloween shirt on which says, "Daddy's little monster."

We got home and the rain had stopped! The kids still wanted to do some trick or treating so we decided to go ahead and walk up and down our street. I was also able to get Malakai to wear his Batman costume and take a picture of the kids. Yes, Malakai insisted on bringing Olaf along too.

The kids had a blast walking up and down our street! They hit the jackpot! Because it had been raining and pouring most of the evening, not many people went trick or treating. By the time we came along the neighbors were putting handfuls of candy into the kids' buckets.

The next morning the kids were up pretty early going through their stash. It was somewhere between 6:00 and 6:30am. I gave up sleeping once I heard them sneaking around and excitedly talking about how much candy they had. A majority of the candy went to work with Nate and he shared it with his co-workers. I let each kid only keep a sandwich bag full of candy.

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