Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Day at the zoo

The day before Thanksgiving Nate had off. Since it was beautiful sunny day we decided to visit the zoo. For the first couple of hours there was hardly anyone at the zoo! It was great! I think we spent nearly 4 hours at the zoo and managed to see all the different areas, which is a first for us. Usually the kids get tired and we skip a section of the zoo. But they hung in there and we did it all.

We rented a double stroller and over all the kids did well taking turns sitting in it. Malakai had the hardest time because he wanted the entire stroller to himself. The girls enjoyed taking turns pushing it.

A few months ago the sea lion that was at the zoo died of old age. That exhibit stayed empty for awhile but they now have some seals. We spent a lot of time watching the seals. They were so much more active that the sea lion.

At one point the smallest seal swum up to where the girls were and swam along the window looking at them as the girls walked along the window. I wish I had taken video of that because it was really funny to watch!

While it was a sunny day, it was also cold which was perfect for the polar bears. They were out playing too and the kids enjoyed watching the polar bear play with it's toy.

I think the giraffe was cold and just wanted to stay in the sun where it was warm. One of the kids asked me to take a picture of the giraffe so I did.

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