Monday, December 28, 2015

Class bear and sleep over at grandma's

Earlier this fall Layla got to bring home the class bear from her kindergarten class. Layla got to take the bear everywhere and then we wrote about it in the bear's journal. We had a pretty busy weekend already planned so the bear didn't get bored at all. Friday evening Sanaa and Layla had their gymnastics class. After class was done we drove to my parents house to spend the night. Bear came along. The kids and I slept in one room together which worked out well. I had plans to go apple picking with my dad in the morning and it was easier to just spend the night there and get an earlier start then to wake the kids up early on Saturday and drive over to Newberg.

Layla loved having the bear around. The bear came with it's own overnight bag which had jammies, extra clothes, a tooth brush, a little sleeping bag, blanket, and it's favorite bed time story. Layla took her job of caring for the bear very seriously. Sanaa even helped Layla make a nice bed for the bear in our dollhouse. I'm just glad that with our busy weekend we didn't lose any of the bear's items!

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