Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas sleepover

To celebrate the start of Christmas break I took the kids out to eat at Burgerville. They enjoy eating there because they can pick a milkshake. I liked it because we were given a gift card which paid for our entire meal! 

Then on Saturday we had our annual Christmas sleepover where we spend the night sleeping on the couch by the Christmas tree. This was the first year that Malakai joined us. The kids didn't want to sleep alone so I ended up sleeping with them. It was a very crowded couch and I definitely did not get the best nights sleep. In the morning Malakai informed me that he did not like the sleepover and never wanted to do it again. Ha! That made me laugh since he was the only one that slept without waking and took over the couch! At one point I woke up to find his legs on top of Layla.

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