Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas Day fun

The Sunday before Christmas I tried to get some pictures of the kids since they were all matching in different shades of red. I got one okay picture and of course a silly picture. 

I ended up wearing a red dress too and Malakai took a picture of me with Sanaa and Layla. He didn't do a bad job of getting a picture.

I also needed a picture with Malakai so he helped flip the camera to take a selfie with me.

Christmas Day was nice and relaxing. Past years have felt more rushed but this year. We got the kids a fort making kit. They love it! They aren't able to build the fort themselves but as they get older I'm sure they'll be able to. The kit comes with rods and the corner connectors. You can make any shape you want. There are some suggestions on the box. Once you have your shape you just throw a sheet or blanket over it and you have a fort. The kids aren't the only ones to like the fort. I have also found our cats sleeping inside the fort too!

We spent Christmas Day morning at our house and then just before lunch we drove over to my parents house. The kids got several arts and crafts gifts. All of them wanted to sit down and start painting. So they did. They spent a lot of the afternoon working on their projects.

For years I have been looking for a new hammock for my dad. He one a long time ago that was from Guatemala so I always new I wanted to get him a new one from Guatemala. Two years ago when the girls and I were down there I looked but didn't find anything. This past summer when we went back I looked again and found one! So for Christmas I surprised my dad with a hammock from Guatemala. The kids helped grandpa try it out! I'm sure come summer it'll be really nice to hang out on.

More arts and crafts. The kids got a giant jar of craft items from Nate's parents. The day after Christmas we opened that jar and they dove right in and started creating masks.

Our kids working on some sticker mosaics with their cousin Ariana.

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