Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas crafts

I really enjoy doing crafts and have passed that enjoyment on to the kids. Nate prefers to not do crafts and that's okay, although the kids have asked him why he hates to do art. At the Dollar Store I found little ceramic houses for the kids to paint. I used to have three that were given to me many years ago, but two have been broken and now I only have one. So I thought this would be a fun thing for the kids to do and we could use their houses as decorations each year. 

The finished product. Malakai's is the green house with blue roof, Layla's is in the middle with the yellow roof, and Sanaa's in on the right with the gray roof. They each did a great job!

When we brought all the Christmas decorations down at the beginning of December I discovered a gingerbread house from last year that we never put together. I saved it and we made it on Christmas Eve. The icing that came with the kit was to old and wouldn't work to hold anything together, but I had other icing we used. I honestly did not expect the house to stay standing so once the kids finished I took several quick pictures of all the different sides. But here we are a week later and the silly house is still standing!

I expected the kids to do a lot of fighting over who decorated what but they surprised me and did a good job of working together to decorate the house. 

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