Monday, December 28, 2015

Apple cider making

Picking a weekend to make apple cider is always a little iffy in the fall. This year we got really lucky. We had a wonderful sunny morning. Around lunch time the clouds started moving in and then early in the afternoon the rain came. But we were able to get most of the apples pressed in the morning before it rained. 

Malakai washing off the apples while Layla scooped them up and put them in the buckets.

Uncle Ryan working hard at pressing the apples.

Caught Aunt Karen photo bombing the picture!

The morning was great with the sun out! And then the rain came. Luckily we finished just before it started raining hard.

The cousins enjoying lunch together.

We ended up making 38-39 gallons of apple cider this year! There are 38 gallons pictured but I know we had at least half a gallon to drink at lunch.

Layla, Malakai, and Ariana playing in a puddle together. Layla and Ariana were playing quite nicely until Malakai came up and stomped in the puddle.

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