Sunday, November 22, 2015

Layla's class field trip to Magness Memorial Tree Farm

Back at the beginning of October, the two kindergarten classes at Layla's school went on a field trip to Magness Memorial Tree farm. I got to attend with Layla while my mom watch Malakai. Layla was so excited to have me to herself. There are only 11 kids in Layla's class and below is a picture of her entire class. 

The tour guide gave the kids a lot of great information and I thought did a good job of explaining things in a way they understood. For most of the tour I was so far back in the group that I couldn't hear him very well. All the kindergarten students were up in the front with the tour guide and the parents walked behind them. Below the tour guide is showing the kids a small lizard that had been hiding under some wood.

We walked through an open field and the tour guide told us to look for snakes. So the kids started walking around. I happened to see a small baby snake slither past Mrs. Muldoon's (Layla's teacher) shoe, so she called the tour guide over and he caught it. The kids were so excited! It was such a little snake that it's a little hard to see in his hand.

Layla took the last three pictures. She wanted to remember the picnic area for some reason.

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