Monday, October 26, 2015

Apple picking and grandma's garden

At the beginning of October my dad and I went apple picking again so we could make apple cider with the family. My dad found a new orchard for us to glean from. It was great! The two of us gleaned 30 buckets of apples (5 gallon buckets) in 1 1/2 hours. We only picked up the windfalls (the ones on the ground) since those are free and perfect for making apple cider. At first it didn't look like many apples were on the ground but as we started picking them up we were surprised at how fast we were filling our buckets. In past years it has taken the two of us 4-5 hours to pick about 25-28 buckets.

The kids didn't want to come this year and stayed with grandma. Next year I plan on taking them because it was a nice orchard we were at and they can easily pick up apples off the ground. Besides, if they want to keep drinking the apple cider we make I'm going to start making them work harder!

The weekend before we gathered apples, the kids and I spent a day at my parent's house. They ran around and played while I helped a little bit with painting the trim on my parents house. We also walked down to my parents garden to pick out some huge pumpkins! Layla and Malakai discovered that there were still some ripe raspberries so they stopped for a snack.

Each kid picked out their own pumpkin. Sanaa and Malakai looked for the largest pumpkins they could find. Layla went with the most round pumpkin she could find. There were still 4 or 5 large pumpkins still in my parents garden after we picked our 3.

As I was painting trim, I checked on the kids and found all three of them "fishing" in my parents little fountain/pond. They had made their own fishing poles from sticks and long pieces of grass. These kids are constantly coming up with creative ways to play. I keep telling the girls I'll take them fishing, but I think next summer we'll definitely have to do that.

As we left, Malakai insisted on carrying my purse. He even put it on the same way I wear it. It doesn't look too bad on him! It's a little long, but at least it's blue.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Final days of summer

We're well into fall now. In fact, Halloween isn't that far off, so I guess it would be a good idea to finish up the summer posts. We spent a lot of time outside this summer. 

Layla is turning out to be quite the little handy girl. She helped me fix a screen this summer and once I showed her what to do she was able to do most of it. 

Playing at the fountains in downtown Beaverton. Each summer there are free lunches for kids at various places in Beaverton. One of the places is at a park with fountains where we could meet friends.

I'm not sure if Malakai was cleaning the slide and just painting with water. Whatever he was doing, he was entertained for quite awhile.

Watching the outdoor tv. Sanaa drew a tv on the fence and they would take turns changing the channel and inform the others what they were watching. It was quite funny to watch them do this.

A bridge over the mud pond.

Sanaa and Malakai were singing and making music together. I really wish I had been quick enough to get a video of this.

The last week and half before school started I watched two extra kids. These are our youth pastor's kids. Their usual babysitter had to go out of town so I filled in for a few days. All the kids had a blast together! The cool thing is that our new youth pastor now lives in our neighborhood, so it only takes about 2-3 minutes to get to their house.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

A couple of monkeys hanging around

My kids hang on everything! They really enjoy hanging on the tree in our front yard. One reason I signed them up for gymnastics this fall was so they could spend some time hanging and flipping over the bars in a safer environment. At least at their class they have mats to land on and cushion their fall.

Kite flying

One day in the summer we had a nice strong breeze. The kids wanted to fly kites, so we made some from colored paper. If the wind had been stronger the kites would have flown even better. All three kids had a great time running around and trying to make them fly.

There was a good enough breeze that Layla was able to just stand and let the kite fly a little.

Sanaa had a good idea of riding her bike and getting more wind for the kite to fly.