Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sand dollars galore!

Every time we go to the beach, Sanaa spends time searching for shells. When we went to Cannon beach in June, we found 3 sand dollars fully intact. That is most we've found while living in Oregon. Most of the time the sand dollars are broken or have a hole on top.

While at Twin Harbor State Park, Sanaa found 27 sand dollars! A few either had small holes on the top or a small side piece broken off. But most of them were completely intact! She was so excited. Nate had her stop collecting them only because her bucket was full. She had hit the jack pot! According to Nate, there were even more intact sand dollars, but they just couldn't fit anymore in the bucket without them breaking.

So what in the world do you do with that many sand dollars? I searched online and saw that you can paint them. One morning I pulled out water color paints and eye droppers and let the kids have fun! The more watery the water colors were, the more the paint spread out and mixed on the sand dollars. Once the paint was dry I coated the sand dollars with mod podge so that they weren't as fragile.

Sanaa's finished sand dollars.

Malakai's finished sand dollars.

Layla's finished sand dollars.

The few sand dollars the kids let me paint!

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