Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Last week all three kiddos started gymnastics through the rec center. They love it! Malakai's class is on Wednesdays and the girls' class is on Fridays. Malakai was one of two boys in his class. At first he wasn't sure about going in, but for the warm up the teacher played a song from Frozen. That changed everything! He was running around, jumping, and following everything the teacher said then. I can only watch the class through a window, so afterwards I asked him how he liked it. He told me he liked his class a lot and the teacher played the Frozen song.

At this first class, they also introduced the balance beam to the kids. Malakai did pretty well. I wasn't sure how he'd do on the balance beam, but he walked most of it unassisted. He also enjoyed the obstacle course, especially the front roll part. I think he could have done front rolls over and over again if the teacher had let him.

Both Sanaa and Layla are in the same class, which is awesome from a scheduling stand point! I took a picture of them doing a bear walk for one of the warm ups. They did the exact same thing that Malakai did early in the week. They worked on the balance beam and then did an obstacle course. The girls came out of their class very excited. In fact, Layla said she want to stay there forever! It'll be fun to see what all the kids learn over these next few months in class.

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