Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fun making personalized shirts and a hat

Sanaa asked for a good week to paint on a white t-shirt. So I finally took her, Layla, and Malakai to the store to pick out plain colored shirts. Sanaa immediately picked a white shirt. Malakai picked blue. Layla decided against a shirt and picked out a hat.

While Malakai napped, the girls designed and decorated their shirt and hat. I had fabric paint leftover from a previous project that they used. I also had flower stencils that they used. They both worked hard! I was a little surprised at how focused both of them stayed while making their items.

Layla's finished hat. She added a sun, sky, and some grass.

Sanaa's garden shirt complete with the sky, sun, and a pink bird flying.

Malakai had no interest in using any stencils. He made a hand print and then just made random dots with the paint brush.

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