Sunday, September 6, 2015

Acadia Beach State Park - Oregon

The last Wednesday in August we took one final day trip to the beach. Nate typically has Wednesday's off, so before the busy school season starts up we had one last family fun day for the summer. This time we headed to Acadia Beach State Park. It is just south of Cannon Beach by a few miles. Not far at all from where we stayed with Nate's parents back in June. It was a nice little beach. When we arrived we were alone on the beach at first. But then it began to get a little busier. Sanaa was disappointed there weren't more sand dollars and shells for her to find. But she and Layla had fun creating castles and rivers in the sand. Malakai ran around jumping over what they were working on. We also spent a lot of time in the water and jumping in the waves. 

Some little creature Layla found. I have no idea what it was but she insisted on a picture. Layla is always finding bugs and creatures.

I've looked through my pictures and noticed that it's rare for me to get a picture of just one child. So, while at Acadia Beach State Park I got each of them to stand with the ocean behind them for a quick picture. I plan to put the pictures into a frame they've each decorated with shells.

Sanaa and Layla had a great time playing in the water and sand.

One of the biggest jelly fish we've seen washed up along the beach. We've seen many smaller ones, but this was by far the biggest one yet. In the bottom picture I had Sanaa put her hand next to it just for a size comparison.

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