Monday, August 31, 2015

Goodbye van

We have the worst luck with cars. They are an absolute money pit for us. Our cars seem to last for a few years with minor issues and the regular up keep. But then they start having big issues like transmission problems, power steering leaks and issues, brake issues, etc. Well, it happened again. The power steering fluid in our van has been leaking. We've dealt with it, but we've also had to replace the brakes twice in the last year and a half (and it needed it again) and two of our tires needed replacing.... again. We've been in Oregon 4 years, and needed all the tires at one time or another. The tires don't even seem to last the 6 months they should. Anyway, we'd had enough. Our van was acting up again and we were looking at $1000 (if not more) in repairs. The blue book value for our van was around $1200 and so we decided to sell it instead of putting more money into it. We are now back to being a one car family. We'll save money for a time and then start the search for another van at some point. Hopefully, the next one won't have as many issues....

I do miss the space we had in the van. The kids do all fit in the back seat of Nate's car, but they pick on each other constantly. Plus, it's a pain to buckle them in. However, they enjoy Nate's car because they can roll down their windows and feel the hard wind as we drive along. I guess it's the simple things that make kids happy.

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