Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Cannon Beach - part 1 - Sisters House

A few days before Sanaa's last day of school Nate's parents came out to visit us. Sanaa's last day of school was a half day and after she was done we packed up and headed to Canon Beach. We spent 4 nights out there and had a blast. 

We stayed at Sisters House in Canon Beach. The house Nate's parents rented was great! It was a short walk from the beach and had a small wooded area behind it. The kids loved the house. I think the biggest reason they loved it was because it had stairs. Right now, any house that has stairs is much nice than ours according to our kids.

The house even had an old phone that Nate modeled for us.

Our family had the rooms on the second floor. The master room was huge! There was even a deck off of the master room, but we kept that door locked so that none of the kids would sneak out there.

The living room was nice and cozy and the kitchen was wonderful. The table was the perfect size for all of us to fit around.

Sanaa and Layla shared a room. Sanaa picked the full size bed while Layla slept on the twin bed.

Malakai had his own room which was right next to us. At first he thought it was awesome.... but then bed time came and he was terrified to sleep in there alone. Once he fell asleep he was fine.

A great picture of Nate's parents with the kids on front porch swing.

Malakai just chilling on the couch and watching some tv.

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