Thursday, August 20, 2015

Cannon Beach - part 2 - Fun in the sun

We had wonderful weather while at Cannon Beach. If I remember right, we only had one morning that was really cloudy. The other days were partly cloudy and cool. The sun warmed things up some, but it was still nice and cool in the 60's. The cool weather did not stop the kids from playing in the water. The water was quite cold and my feet went numb, but the kids didn't seem to mind (even as they stood in the water shivering).

Haystack rock at Cannon Beach. It was quite breezy on this day. We walked over to Haystack rock without our jackets since it felt warm, but the wind made it quite chilly near Haystack rock. On Haystack rock we did get to see some Puffins flying around and landing.

We took one day and went to Ecola State park. It is a great park! The kids enjoy any beach, but we were also able to go on a short hike and see a lighthouse out in the distance.

Sanaa was most excited when we found a sand dollar that was completely intact! We ended up finding 3 sand dollars that were not broken.

Layla is the hardest child to keep sand off of. We had her rinse off in the ocean but she apparently attracts sand because by the time we were back to the steps leading off of the sand her legs were covered again.

A rare picture with all 3 kids looking!

It's hard to tell in this picture, but at Ecola State park there were a lot of people surfing. It was fun to watch! But the surfers tended to be the only people in the water and had on wet suits. But then you have my kids who could care less about how cold the water is and run and play in it until they are shivering uncontrollably.

A picture of me and the kids. Nate left to take his parents to the airport while the kids and I spent one last morning at the beach. It was a cloudy and cool morning, but still a lot of fun.

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