Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Sanaa's last day of 1st grade

A few weeks ago Sanaa had her last day of 1st grade. She had a half day and right after she was out of school we headed to the coast with Nate's parents. This was a big year for her. It was the first time she was in school all day. In our area we only had half day kindergarten which is what she attended last year.

Sanaa also moved schools for 1st grade. Our town has a Spanish immersion school and we enrolled her there. There were so many 1st graders trying to get in that the school held a lottery and Sanaa's number got picked. We were very excited. But that also meant her teachers would be speaking Spanish 80% of time during the school day. So it was huge adjustment for her going into all day school AND having her teachers speak Spanish.

By the end of the year she loved it! She understands quite a bit of Spanish which is awesome.

On the last day of school I was able to spend the morning with her. Below was her classroom. For the last day they had a special assembly and then in their classrooms they got to enjoy several different fun activities.

Maestra Nava was the teacher that Sanaa finished 1st grade with. Maestra Santana (in the second picture) was her first teacher had to leave just before Christmas. Sanaa really missed Maestra Santana but seemed to adjust fine to Maestra Nava.

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