Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy 7th Birthday Sanaa!

Yesterday we celebrated Sanaa's 7th birthday. She was so excited about her birthday. We of course began the day with the birthday donut. Both Layla and Malakai sang to Sanaa. Nate had to go into work early and was gone before breakfast. 

Sanaa had asked for a stuffed panda for her birthday and Uncle Caleb and Aunt Sarah sent one. She was so excited! The panda has been going every where with us. Much like her beloved Tiger use to go everywhere. Now the panda comes with us.

Sanaa has grown so much over the last year. She's lost 6 or 7 teeth (I lost count). She is reading so much better and loves books. She spends a lot of time outside playing and has a wonderful imagination. I enjoy listening to the kids when they are outside and hearing what is going on in their pretend world.

Sanaa also loves arts and crafts. She is constantly coming up with new crafty ideas. She made me a ring holder out of a seashell and cotton stuffing one afternoon.

On a different afternoon I went out to check on the kids in their "hideout" (a.k.a the side of our house) and Sanaa showed me how she had drawn out a science experiment on the fence. She had taken a rock and colored it with a crayon. Then she put the rock in water and discovered that the crayon stayed on the rock. She had some other science experiments on the fence too, but I don't remember what they were.

Finally, to aid Sanaa in developing her art skills both grandparents gave her some money for art lessons. There is a store in the mall near us called Young Art Lessons and I'm able to drop Sanaa off for a period of time while the store employees help her with a painting. At the store she wanted to draw Ariel and the employee helped show her how to draw the face, arms, and tail. She colored it herself and also learned about blending colors to make the different shades of green and blue. Sanaa mentioned something about mixing the paint with vegetable oil and it make the paint lighter or something. I didn't really understand so I'll have to ask about that next time I drop her off.

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