Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The birthday cakes

The birthday cakes were a lot of fun to make! Each kid had their own and I had each of them help mix up the batter for their cake. Malakai's cake looked the hardest, but was actually the fastest one to make. I just searched online for a tutorial for a Bucky cake and found several. 

To make Malakai's cake I baked a 13x9 cake and then cut it in half. I then cut off one end to make the ship shorter and used those ends to make the third level. Once you have the cake cut and shaped as boat all that's left is to cover it with chocolate icing. I used some yellow icing to outline the top edge and then placed several of Malakai's Jake and the Neverland Pirate figures on the cake as the decorations. I printed off a blue and white striped rectangle and used a wooden cake pop stick to make Bucky's sail.

Layla wanted a seashell shaped cake. I showed her a picture of one made out of cupcakes. It had blue icing which she didn't like. She wanted hers to be pink. I had shell shaped chocolate molds and made pink and yellow shells for her to decorate with. Once the cupcakes were all iced, she placed the chocolate shells where she wanted them.

Nearly a month before the party, Sanaa handed me a drawing of the cake that she wanted. It was to be star shaped with water and a small area of grass. She wanted an island (made out of brown sugar) with a treasure chest and a boat in the ocean. A rainbow stretched from the grass area to the island. At first I had no idea how I would do all of that. I have made a star shaped cake before, so that wasn't hard. I found a chocolate mold with a treasure chest and a boat, so that part of her design was taken care of. The rainbow had me stumped. In the past (for her 5th birthday) I made a rainbow out of molding chocolate, but I didn't want to take the time for that again. So I sent my husband out to find rainbow colored twizzlers. And he found some! I used toothpicks to hold the rainbow up and then covered that area with marshmallows to hide the toothpicks. When it was finished, Sanaa said it looked perfect and was just what she wanted!

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