Friday, June 5, 2015

Layla turns 5!!

On Monday Layla celebrated her 5th birthday! We've started a little tradition that the morning of someone's birthday they get a birthday donut with a candle. The kids love it!

Everyone wanted to blow out Layla's candle but Layla beat them. I then relit the candle for Sanaa and Malakai but Sanaa blew it which made Malakai very upset. He threw a little tantrum but eventually calmed down when I lit the candle again for him to blow out.

Layla got a stuffed flamingo from Uncle Caleb and Aunt Sarah. I have no idea why she wanted one but she has named it Donut. Her friend in Christ from church gave her a stuffed dog that she named Cookie.

Nate and I gave Layla a birthday card with some money. Her big present was a morning with me shopping at a toy store. She was so excited she could hardly contain herself! She kept singing a made up song about it being just her and mommy for the morning. We had a really fun morning together and it was very nice just having time with Layla.

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