Friday, June 5, 2015

Heard in the Pond House

The setting here is that the Layla decided she wanted to spend the night on the floor in her sleeping bag.

So of course Sanaa had to do that too.

So I laid out the sleeping bags.

Layla got upset that her head would be at the same end as Sanaa's head. She refused to sleep that way and got into an argument with Sanaa.

So I took the sleeping bags out of the room and told them to get back into their beds.

Sanaa dissolved into tears at the thought of now not going to sleep on the floor.

I left and went to ate my dinner of baked potato, which was lovely.

A couple minutes later, Layla came out, and said that she could sleep on the floor with Sanaa and she was just fine with their heads being at the same end of the room.

Me: "So Layla... why did you just have that fight with Sanaa?"

Layla: *loud sigh* "We just have to stop that Fight Machine. I don't know how the Fight Machine starts, but we just have to make it stop."

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