Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday Malakai!

On Saturday Malakai turned 3 and he has been so excited about his birthday! Having a birthday donut has because a tradition around here. Malakai also noticed the party hats on the very top shelf of our pantry that I forgot about and insisted on people wearing a party hat as well. 

The day before Malakai's birthday, Sanaa worked quite hard on a special present for him. She made him a horse. She found a stick in the garage, drew a horses head that she cut out, and then taped the horse head to the stick. She then taped a piece of yarn to the stick for the reins. Malakai thought it was great! And most likely wouldn't have cared whether there were any other presents for him. Sanaa definitely made one of the most creative presents for him.

She also worked hard on making him a birthday card. The inside of the card says, "Happy Birthday. Dear Malakai, Wahoo! You are turning 3 years old and I made a surprise present. From: Sanaa. To: Malakai.

We gave Malakai a scooter so that he could keep up with his big sisters when they use their scooters.

My brother painted Malakai a picture of Olaf. I was blown away! Malakai loved it and I plan to have it framed so that no one gets the canvas dirty. We'll definitely be hanging the Olaf picture up in Malakai's room.

On Sunday, the day after Malakai's birthday he "graduated" out of the toddler nursery and moved downstairs to the preschool area. It was definitely bittersweet. He's my last baby. I have no one left in the nursery which feels very weird. Malakai was ready to move and loves his new Sunday school class. His new teacher gave him a birthday cookie. At home, Malakai wouldn't let us cut the cookie until we stuck a candle in it and sang happy birthday to him again.

A few other pictures of Malakai. Every so often he slows down and will spend some time coloring or scribbling. For a 3 year old, he stays inside the lines fairly well. Typically he finds the smallest part of the picture to color such as a person's nose or something and then he'll move on.

Malakai also loves to dress up! The majority of the time he's actually running around in one of his sister's princess dresses, but there's been a few times he runs around as super man.

Other things Malakai loves to do are play outside, sing, dance, and anything sports related. He's been in speech therapy since October (8 months or so) and is talking so much better! The tantrums over us not understanding what he is asking for have pretty much disappeared. Now we get tantrums over him wanting something his sisters are playing with. He's a petite little guy and can wear clothes ranging from size 12 months to 3T. He actually has two pairs of shorts that are 12 months that still fit him this summer. Buying pants for him is one of the hardest things to do!

He climbs just about anything and enjoys jumping off of steps and chairs. He is very active, but thankfully still takes a good 2 hour nap every day! His sisters stopped napping when they were around 2 1/2 years old so I'm loving the fact that he still takes a nap and generally doesn't fight me when I put him down for his nap.

His favorite shows to watch are: Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Miles from Tomorrowland, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. 

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