Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sanaa becomes an ambassador

Back in March Sanaa was recognized as an ambassador at school. She was so excited! She has wanted this for quite some time. Those who are recognized as ambassador's are students that are responsible, respectful, kind, and careful (or safe). During the school year they held three assemblies where new ambassadors were named. This was the last ambassador assembly for the year. I got an email a few days before the assembly letting me know that Sanaa would be one of the students recognized. However, I kept it a secret from Sanaa because I wanted her to be surprised. 

When her name was called she was so excited! Each kid received a certificate and a special pin to wear.

Sanaa gave her teacher Maestra Nava a big hug.

Her English teacher Maestra Cottle helped put the pin on her shirt collar.

All the new ambassadors with the principal.

Our new ambassador wearing her pin. This past week all the ambassador's in the school got to go on a special picnic. Sanaa was very excited about that!

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