Sunday, May 10, 2015

Random pictures from the past couple of months

I have not done the best job at keeping the blog up to date this year. Life is always busy, but this year has been much busier than past years. These are just a bunch of pictures I don't think I've posted but have meant to.

Malakai is getting into drawing and coloring. I've been impressed by his ability to draw circles. He made several nice circles on our drive back in March.

Malakai enjoys dressing up and acting goofy. I have more pictures on my phone of him in various dress up clothes. I just have to figure out how to get them from my phone onto the computer since Apple update their photo program....

Layla and Malakai "reading" together one evening while Sanaa finished up her bath.

Sanaa created a fort for all of them to have a snack in. It was a warm day and they needed a nice shady area.

Malakai is a pretty big helper around the house. When I need to do things he run up and say, "Mama? Me help too?"

It was a very nice, cloudy day and the girls decided they needed to lay out in the front yard. What you can't see very well is Sanaa has a piece of grass in her mouth like a farmer.

Back in March, Ryan and Karen watched our kids while Nate and I went out to dinner. When we left their house we saw an awesome double rainbow! I was standing at the end of their driveway when I took this picture.

All the kids decided my hair needed help one afternoon. So, they put flowers in it. I tried to get a picture with all of them, but Malakai ran off and Layla leaned over so far she almost blocked me out of the picture!

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