Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Mother's Day

Mother's Day did not go as planned. Layla woke up complaining about being tired. We had had a busy weekend, so I figured she was tired from all the activities. We went to church like normal but Layla was super clingy and did not want to go to her class, which is completely unlike her. She normally runs into her class without even saying goodbye. I finally got her to class and during the service we got to watch her and the other preschoolers sing.

After church Nate picked the kids up from their classes and came over to Kid City where I was finishing up with the Elementary kids. Layla looked very pale and was complaining about her stomach hurting.

Nate headed up to the foyer with Sanaa and Malakai since there was a reception for our interim pastor. Layla wanted to stay with me while I cleaned the classroom. When I finished we started to head upstairs to the reception but she suddenly looked like she was about to throw up. She didn't thankfully and we left church quickly.

Instead of eating out like Nate had planned we headed home and I rummaged around for some leftovers. It turned out Layla was running a fever of 101.1-102.1. She stayed in that range most of the afternoon. We had planned to go over to my parents house later in the day to celebrate Mother's Day and my dad's birthday, but we stayed home.

So, Mother's Day was definitely not spent the way I had thought.

Layla was better by Tuesday, but then on Thursday Malakai caught what she had and threw up on me.

Friday night, Sanaa got sick and threw up but she bounced right back and was fine on Saturday. However, Sanaa's tummy pains came back and I got a call both Tuesday and Wednesday of this week from her school letting me know she was in the school office complaining about her stomach. So we've had some weird stomach virus going around our family again. So far I haven't caught it thankfully!

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