Thursday, May 21, 2015

Layla's spring program

At the beginning of May, the 4 year old classes at Layla's preschool had their spring program. Layla was so excited about it! She gave her teacher Mrs. Marek a pink carnation. The spring program landed during teacher appreciation week and Layla really wanted Mrs. Marek to have a flower. 

There were five 4-year-old classes at Layla's preschool. Layla had 16 kids in her class and made some good friends this year.

The kids did well. Each child had a special part in the various songs. Layla got to come up to the front during the rainbow song and wave an orange ribbon. I think Layla only picked up her dress once or twice during the program. Luckily she was in the second row so it wasn't as noticeable!

Her teacher Mrs. Marek. Sanaa also had Mrs. Marek and she is a wonderful preschool teacher. Both girls loved having her.

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