Sunday, May 31, 2015

Layla's last day of preschool

May 21st was Layla's last day of preschool. In September she will start kindergarten! She is very excited about going to kindergarten. Some of her friends seem nervous, but Layla honestly can't wait.

It is so hard to get a serious picture of Layla or my kids. They are always doing funny poses and silly faces when I try and get a picture. Both Sanaa and Malakai wanted to be in the picture with Layla.

Layla had a very fun last day of school. Each year her preschool holds a small carnival for the kids on their last day. She played tons of games, got to watch a magician, jump in a bounce house, and enjoy a special snack from her teacher.

The hardest part was when her wonderful teacher Mrs. Marek announced that she was retiring this year. Layla's class was her very last preschool class. I had a feeling this was coming because Malakai just started saying Mrs. Marek's name. It's the only teacher's name he's ever said. When I told Mrs. Marek a couple weeks ago she smiled and said he would probably need to start practicing a new name. Mrs. Marek had both Sanaa and Layla and she was an awesome teacher. I am really going to miss her!

A picture of Layla on her first day and her last day. She looks so much older! I'm sure it's partly due to the new hair cut.

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