Sunday, May 31, 2015

Layla the hair stylist

The day before Layla's last day of preschool Layla cut her hair. I was gone at a meeting at church and Nate was home with the kids. After the meeting I headed home but got a call from Sanaa's school letting me know she wasn't feeling well. I stopped to see Sanaa and ended up bringing her home from school. When I walked in the door I didn't see Layla at first because she was outside. She heard that me talking to Nate and came walking around the corner. When I saw her I was in complete disbelief and all I could get out was, "Layla Ruth! What did you do?!?!"

Nate didn't seem to notice immediately but then he saw where she had cut her hair. The only reason she could give was that she was too hot and her hair was heavy.

I told Layla that daddy was going to have to take her to where he gets his hair cut to get it fixed. She was not happy about that and wanted me to take her to Melanie (my typical hair stylist). I told her she didn't have a choice because Melanie doesn't work on Wednesday's and even if she did we would not have had time to drive over to see her.

Layla came back from her hair cut and at first I honestly was not sure about her new hair style. She came home excited about her new hair cut but later in the afternoon she told me she like it. Like the nice mom that I am, I said it was too bad and next time she shouldn't attempt to cut her own hair.

Her hair cut has definitely grown on me and now I quite like it. She looks so much older and the layers have made her hair much easier to brush. In fact, she brushes her own hair each day and I don't have to help her at all.

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