Sunday, May 10, 2015

Heard around here

I thought it was time I wrote down some of the things the kids have been saying before I forget.

Layla has a habit of using the word hopefully instead of luckily or thankfully. Just today Layla said, "Hopefully you only said it once mama, so you didn't have to get mad." That was her response when I asked her to pick up her room after quiet time.

In the van after I picked Layla up from school one afternoon she said, "Hopefully we got into the van before it sprinkled on us."

Malakai is adding more words to his vocabulary every day. He is now using 2 and 3 word sentences. In the last week or so he has actually started saying, "Oh course or course" in response to a question. One example was when I asked if he wanted another egg muffin and he responded, "Course mommy." The other afternoon I asked if he wanted some medicine (he's been sick) and once again he responded, "Course."

Malakai does have names for Sanaa and Layla. For Sanaa he says, "Ah." For Layla he says, "A-ya."

We also hear a lot of knock-knock jokes. Most of the time they don't make sense. Even Malakai knows how to tell a knock-knock joke. The only thing is that he'll do the entire joke himself. So you'll hear him say, "Knock, knock. Whose there? Airplane. Airplane who?" Then he'll make an airplane noise and just start laughing.

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