Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Camping, tree trimming, and rain

Sanaa and Layla have been asking a lot to go camping. This summer we might get to. But until then, Sanaa came up with a fairly creative way for them to camp indoors. She drew a fire to stick to the side of the small princess tent. Then she drew a marshmallow on a stick and cut that out and the girls pretended to roast marshmallows in their room. I was quite impressed with how creative they were!

One late afternoon as I was cooking dinner I looked out into the back yard to see Sanaa and then Layla standing on top of their toy kitchen. When I asked what they were up to they informed me they were trimming the tree by taking off the branches that were sticking out. I'm not sure how they managed to get on top of their kitchen without a stool or something else to use as a step but they did it somehow.

The kids had a blast running around in a downpour. All of them were soaked, but the smiles were definitely worth the mess. I did find out that thunder scares Malakai. After it thundered, Malakai refused to play outside anymore. He continues to talk about the hard rain and the loud thunder and how it scared him.

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