Sunday, May 31, 2015

Layla the hair stylist

The day before Layla's last day of preschool Layla cut her hair. I was gone at a meeting at church and Nate was home with the kids. After the meeting I headed home but got a call from Sanaa's school letting me know she wasn't feeling well. I stopped to see Sanaa and ended up bringing her home from school. When I walked in the door I didn't see Layla at first because she was outside. She heard that me talking to Nate and came walking around the corner. When I saw her I was in complete disbelief and all I could get out was, "Layla Ruth! What did you do?!?!"

Nate didn't seem to notice immediately but then he saw where she had cut her hair. The only reason she could give was that she was too hot and her hair was heavy.

I told Layla that daddy was going to have to take her to where he gets his hair cut to get it fixed. She was not happy about that and wanted me to take her to Melanie (my typical hair stylist). I told her she didn't have a choice because Melanie doesn't work on Wednesday's and even if she did we would not have had time to drive over to see her.

Layla came back from her hair cut and at first I honestly was not sure about her new hair style. She came home excited about her new hair cut but later in the afternoon she told me she like it. Like the nice mom that I am, I said it was too bad and next time she shouldn't attempt to cut her own hair.

Her hair cut has definitely grown on me and now I quite like it. She looks so much older and the layers have made her hair much easier to brush. In fact, she brushes her own hair each day and I don't have to help her at all.

Layla's last day of preschool

May 21st was Layla's last day of preschool. In September she will start kindergarten! She is very excited about going to kindergarten. Some of her friends seem nervous, but Layla honestly can't wait.

It is so hard to get a serious picture of Layla or my kids. They are always doing funny poses and silly faces when I try and get a picture. Both Sanaa and Malakai wanted to be in the picture with Layla.

Layla had a very fun last day of school. Each year her preschool holds a small carnival for the kids on their last day. She played tons of games, got to watch a magician, jump in a bounce house, and enjoy a special snack from her teacher.

The hardest part was when her wonderful teacher Mrs. Marek announced that she was retiring this year. Layla's class was her very last preschool class. I had a feeling this was coming because Malakai just started saying Mrs. Marek's name. It's the only teacher's name he's ever said. When I told Mrs. Marek a couple weeks ago she smiled and said he would probably need to start practicing a new name. Mrs. Marek had both Sanaa and Layla and she was an awesome teacher. I am really going to miss her!

A picture of Layla on her first day and her last day. She looks so much older! I'm sure it's partly due to the new hair cut.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Layla's field trip to Plumper Pumpkin Patch & Tree Farm

The first week in May was a busy one. Layla had her spring program and her field trip to a pumpkin patch. My first thought when I heard where the field trip was going was, a pumpkin patch in the spring? But it was a fun trip. Malakai was along as well and I think we all learned some cool things. While there, the employees divided all the kids up into their classes and then we rotated through the farm. Layla's class started with the honey bees. 

Here are some fun facts that we learned about bees.
*During a bee's life time they only make 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey. That is not much at all!!
*The bees have to tap 2 million flowers to make 1 pound of honey.
*Bees dance to communicate.
*Bee keepers wear white because bees can't see it as well. Wearing black or brown isn't suggested since that's the color of most bears.

The kids got to taste some of the yummy honey too.

After the bees we walked around and some of the other animals on the farm. They had a llama, a couple of alpacas, some sheep, pigs, baby cows, donkey's, and chickens.

The highlight was going down the long slide. All the kids enjoyed this, even Malakai. Layla chose to wear a skirt and the mesh on her skirt made her go down much faster than her friends. At the end of the slide there was a hard plastic/rubber mat for the kids to slide onto. Most kids stopped shortly after they came out of the slide. Layla on the other hand just kept on sliding. In fact, she knocked over one of classmates because she was sliding so fast. No one was hurt, in fact, the other parents and her teacher thought it was pretty funny how fast she came shooting out of the slide.

After the animals and slide, we got a hay ride and saw where they have Christmas trees planted. We were dropped off near the pumpkin patch and a the kids finished their time by planting pumpkin seeds. In the fall, we can actually go back and pick one of the pumpkins we planted. We'll just see if I actually remember to do that.

Mother's Day

Mother's Day did not go as planned. Layla woke up complaining about being tired. We had had a busy weekend, so I figured she was tired from all the activities. We went to church like normal but Layla was super clingy and did not want to go to her class, which is completely unlike her. She normally runs into her class without even saying goodbye. I finally got her to class and during the service we got to watch her and the other preschoolers sing.

After church Nate picked the kids up from their classes and came over to Kid City where I was finishing up with the Elementary kids. Layla looked very pale and was complaining about her stomach hurting.

Nate headed up to the foyer with Sanaa and Malakai since there was a reception for our interim pastor. Layla wanted to stay with me while I cleaned the classroom. When I finished we started to head upstairs to the reception but she suddenly looked like she was about to throw up. She didn't thankfully and we left church quickly.

Instead of eating out like Nate had planned we headed home and I rummaged around for some leftovers. It turned out Layla was running a fever of 101.1-102.1. She stayed in that range most of the afternoon. We had planned to go over to my parents house later in the day to celebrate Mother's Day and my dad's birthday, but we stayed home.

So, Mother's Day was definitely not spent the way I had thought.

Layla was better by Tuesday, but then on Thursday Malakai caught what she had and threw up on me.

Friday night, Sanaa got sick and threw up but she bounced right back and was fine on Saturday. However, Sanaa's tummy pains came back and I got a call both Tuesday and Wednesday of this week from her school letting me know she was in the school office complaining about her stomach. So we've had some weird stomach virus going around our family again. So far I haven't caught it thankfully!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Camping, tree trimming, and rain

Sanaa and Layla have been asking a lot to go camping. This summer we might get to. But until then, Sanaa came up with a fairly creative way for them to camp indoors. She drew a fire to stick to the side of the small princess tent. Then she drew a marshmallow on a stick and cut that out and the girls pretended to roast marshmallows in their room. I was quite impressed with how creative they were!

One late afternoon as I was cooking dinner I looked out into the back yard to see Sanaa and then Layla standing on top of their toy kitchen. When I asked what they were up to they informed me they were trimming the tree by taking off the branches that were sticking out. I'm not sure how they managed to get on top of their kitchen without a stool or something else to use as a step but they did it somehow.

The kids had a blast running around in a downpour. All of them were soaked, but the smiles were definitely worth the mess. I did find out that thunder scares Malakai. After it thundered, Malakai refused to play outside anymore. He continues to talk about the hard rain and the loud thunder and how it scared him.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Layla's spring program

At the beginning of May, the 4 year old classes at Layla's preschool had their spring program. Layla was so excited about it! She gave her teacher Mrs. Marek a pink carnation. The spring program landed during teacher appreciation week and Layla really wanted Mrs. Marek to have a flower. 

There were five 4-year-old classes at Layla's preschool. Layla had 16 kids in her class and made some good friends this year.

The kids did well. Each child had a special part in the various songs. Layla got to come up to the front during the rainbow song and wave an orange ribbon. I think Layla only picked up her dress once or twice during the program. Luckily she was in the second row so it wasn't as noticeable!

Her teacher Mrs. Marek. Sanaa also had Mrs. Marek and she is a wonderful preschool teacher. Both girls loved having her.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Random pictures from the past couple of months

I have not done the best job at keeping the blog up to date this year. Life is always busy, but this year has been much busier than past years. These are just a bunch of pictures I don't think I've posted but have meant to.

Malakai is getting into drawing and coloring. I've been impressed by his ability to draw circles. He made several nice circles on our drive back in March.

Malakai enjoys dressing up and acting goofy. I have more pictures on my phone of him in various dress up clothes. I just have to figure out how to get them from my phone onto the computer since Apple update their photo program....

Layla and Malakai "reading" together one evening while Sanaa finished up her bath.

Sanaa created a fort for all of them to have a snack in. It was a warm day and they needed a nice shady area.

Malakai is a pretty big helper around the house. When I need to do things he run up and say, "Mama? Me help too?"

It was a very nice, cloudy day and the girls decided they needed to lay out in the front yard. What you can't see very well is Sanaa has a piece of grass in her mouth like a farmer.

Back in March, Ryan and Karen watched our kids while Nate and I went out to dinner. When we left their house we saw an awesome double rainbow! I was standing at the end of their driveway when I took this picture.

All the kids decided my hair needed help one afternoon. So, they put flowers in it. I tried to get a picture with all of them, but Malakai ran off and Layla leaned over so far she almost blocked me out of the picture!