Sunday, April 12, 2015

Face painting

For Christmas we gave Sanaa a face painting set. She loves having her face painted. I'm not the best artist, but one afternoon she wanted to have some flowers and a rainbow painted on her face. I gave it my best shot. She asked for a vine with pink flowers on one cheek and a rainbow on the other. Layla wanted the same thing, so that's what I attempted. 

Malakai also wanted in on the action and wanted flowers on his face as well. But I talked him out of that. Instead I suggested a boat so he could pretend it was like Jake's ship from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. But there is no way I can paint that pirate ship, so I just made a sailboat. He thought it was awesome.

Then he asked for "Anna" on the other side. (Often when he says Anna he's talking about Elsa from the movie Frozen). Again, I wasn't about to paint a princess on his face. Besides, I can't paint a princess. So I suggested a snowman that he could pretend was Olaf and he was quite happy with that.

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