Sunday, April 12, 2015

Dyeing Easter eggs

The kids had a great time dyeing Easter eggs. Malakai only wanted to use blue for most of his eggs. Each time Nate would ask which color, Malakai would answer blue. We did get him to branch out a little and use the other colors a little bit.

Like last year, I pulled out a white crayon and let Sanaa draw some designs on her eggs before dyeing them. Layla and Malakai weren't interested in using the crayon at all, but had more fun making their eggs various colors. 

After Layla finished her eggs, she asked to take some pictures. So she took several close ups of her eggs.

After I took a picture of Sanaa and the eggs she decorated, she also asked to take a picture of her eggs. It's hard to see the designs she made on her eggs, but some had zig zags, one had stars, and one had a heart on it.

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