Thursday, April 23, 2015

Going on an egg hunt

Our kids ended up doing two Easter egg hunts. The day before Easter was beautiful, so during rest time I hid some eggs in our backyard for them to find. They had a blast and were so excited each time they found an egg. Malakai really seemed to enjoy himself this year.

Once they found all the eggs they immediately sat down to open them and find out what they got. They got a variety of candy, which is pretty much gone at this point.


Easter morning the preschoolers played the bells at church. Layla was very intent on ringing her bell at the correct time. 

After church we headed to grandpa and grandma Lind's house for lunch and an Easter Egg hunt. Aunt Karen was kind enough to get a family picture of us even though Malakai wouldn't cooperate. So these were the best we got.

After a yummy lunch we the kids did their Easter Egg hunt. Sanaa and Layla bolted off to find their eggs as fast as possible while Ariana and Malakai just walked and looked around at what was going on.

After the kids had their Easter egg hunt, the big kids (a.k.a. adults) had their Easter egg hunt. For the first time I actually found all my eggs first! In past years I've been the last one and have wondered around the yard for 5-10 minutes looking for the last egg. This year, Ariana helped grandma Lind "hide" the eggs and Ariana hid them so well by throwing them along the fence line that it took all of us a good 15-20 minutes to find the last 2 eggs. Sanaa took the picture of me heading up the hill to find the Easter eggs.

After the egg hunt, grandma Lind handed out buckets with fun surprises in them to the kids. The kids were actually quite excited about their new tooth brushes that also have a tongue brush. In fact, Easter was about 2 weeks ago and the girls still make it a point to brush their teeth and tongue!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Dyeing Easter eggs

The kids had a great time dyeing Easter eggs. Malakai only wanted to use blue for most of his eggs. Each time Nate would ask which color, Malakai would answer blue. We did get him to branch out a little and use the other colors a little bit.

Like last year, I pulled out a white crayon and let Sanaa draw some designs on her eggs before dyeing them. Layla and Malakai weren't interested in using the crayon at all, but had more fun making their eggs various colors. 

After Layla finished her eggs, she asked to take some pictures. So she took several close ups of her eggs.

After I took a picture of Sanaa and the eggs she decorated, she also asked to take a picture of her eggs. It's hard to see the designs she made on her eggs, but some had zig zags, one had stars, and one had a heart on it.

Layla's Easter party at preschool

The Thursday before Easter, Layla's class had their Easter party. The kids made little chicks out of hard plastic eggs and also played some games. 

The games they played had the kids giggling. The class was divided into 4 teams. The first game was an egg-on-the-spoon race. Each team had to carry a plastic egg on a spoon over to their bucket without the egg falling off. The second game, was a bunny hop. For that game they had to carry an egg under their chin and then hop to the bucket and drop the egg in the bucket without using their hands. There was quite a bit of giggling during that game. They finished the morning with a snack.

Layla commented that she had a lot of fun at her party and really enjoyed the games.

Face painting

For Christmas we gave Sanaa a face painting set. She loves having her face painted. I'm not the best artist, but one afternoon she wanted to have some flowers and a rainbow painted on her face. I gave it my best shot. She asked for a vine with pink flowers on one cheek and a rainbow on the other. Layla wanted the same thing, so that's what I attempted. 

Malakai also wanted in on the action and wanted flowers on his face as well. But I talked him out of that. Instead I suggested a boat so he could pretend it was like Jake's ship from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. But there is no way I can paint that pirate ship, so I just made a sailboat. He thought it was awesome.

Then he asked for "Anna" on the other side. (Often when he says Anna he's talking about Elsa from the movie Frozen). Again, I wasn't about to paint a princess on his face. Besides, I can't paint a princess. So I suggested a snowman that he could pretend was Olaf and he was quite happy with that.